Höntsä-Fest brings relaxed vibes into Helsinki Ice Hall on October 3rd 1:00PM-6:00PM, when we fill the corridors with playful action such as karaoke, dance, parkour and teqball. These activities are led by a group of talented young individuals. The meaning of “höntsä” is to be a little wacky - to plunge oneself into fun activities with no fear of being judged or feeling unwelcome! Everybody is equal at Höntsä-Fest. The main themes of the event are wellness and battling climate change.

A laid-back ice hockey match between youngsters and celebrities takes place as an important part of the event. Anyone aged from 16 to 25 can join the ice hockey match but please sign up beforehand at our website!

Höntsä-Fest culminates in a concert featuring performances from two top-tier Finnish hiphop acts Töölön Ketterä and Dilemma. It will definitely be a blast! You will also find and experience an excellent group of young vloggers and artists at the festival.

The event is open for all and free of charge! A zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol will be enforced.


1:00PM - Doors open and activities start
3:00PM - Hockey match is held
4:00PM - Concert starts
6:00PM - Event is over and doors close

Sign up for ice hockey (in finnish): http://www.hontsa.metropolia.fi/pipolatkamatsi

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hontsafest/

Check us out on Instagram and Twitter @hontsafest


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